Sydney Film Festival: Gayby Baby (2015)

Gayby Baby (2015)Marriage equality in Australia is, at this stage, inevitable – and long overdue. Opponents of same-sex marriage have increasingly found their go-to arguments rendered obsolete or not fit for polite company. Even regressive politicians like Cory Bernardi try to avoid blatant homophobia (not always successfully), while religious dogma’s relevance continues to erode. The one argument that endures – as seen in newspapers’ letters sections – is the so-called “nuclear family”. Perhaps homophobes are not all as intolerant as South Australian bishop Greg O’Kelly, who compared children of gay couples to the Stolen Generation. But, as Joe Hockey rants over the opening credits of Maya Newell’s Gayby Baby, many on the religious right are convinced that children need a “mother and a father”.

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3 stars

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