Run All Night (2015)

Run All Night (2015)My expectations for Run All Night were probably set higher than your average punter. It’s not that I’m a big proponent of the ubiquitous Liam-Neeson-Is-An-Alcoholic-Who-Shoots-People pseudo-franchise of the last decade or so – I couldn’t bring myself to watch Taken 3 – but that I was simply excited to see another picture from director Jaume Collet-Serra, responsible for both creepy horror flick Orphan and last year’s surprisingly fun Non-Stop.

Sadly, Run All Night is no Non-Stop. It is a lot of other movies – it has the basic plot of Road to Perdition (except the equivalent of Tom Hanks’ son is Joel Kinnaman), the climactic shoot-out of Heat, the subway chase of Carlito’s Way, the overwrought introduction of Max Payne and the setting of every other New York gangster film ever made. Conventionality isn’t a dirty word for Collet-Serra, though, and his darkly dirty aesthetic produces some great images – a gunman obscured by swathes of snow, a footchase where the runners are consumed by the depth of the New York night. But, unlike Non-Stop, the film’s impaired by pausing too often to catch its breath. Cut the clichéd attempts at characterisation to get a trim ninety minutes and we’re off to the races.

3 stars

3 thoughts on “Run All Night (2015)

  1. Dear Dave

    I do enjoy reading your reviews which I mostly read on the bus to and from work

    Your reviews are excellent and you deserve a much wider publication/exposure/recognition than what you are currently getting, although I do the get sense that things are on the rise for you

    I apologise for not responding to your many invitations to see movies on Facebook

    I do not get to the movies (or even get to watch DVDs) much these days, with three kids and all

    Pretty much for the past 5 years, for each year it has been about one trip to the movies and about maybe 10 DVDs/rented AppleTV movies

    When I get the chance (may not be for a while yet) I will take you up on one of your invitations – however it will have to be for an absolute humdinger since I have become *very* picky as to which will be the one movie I get to see each year

    (Of course I am talking about the movies I want to watch – and have not included all the movies I have ended up watching with the kids – some of which I admit are still quite enjoyable even after the *literally* 100th time)


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    • Hey Berren! Thanks for the kind words; I am starting to find my way to more publications, but it’s not an easy road. It’s just nice to know people are reading my stuff every now and again, to be honest!

      No worries on the invites, of course! Just like to get the most value out of my plus-ones if possible. I gather you’ve been watching a lot of Frozen then? I’m not sure how I’m going to cope without my current level of film intake once I have kids!

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