John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

John Carpenter's Lost ThemesThe transition from acting to music is a familiar career path, particularly if you take into account the cast of Neighbours, but it’s rare to see a well-known film director dabble in professional musicianship. John Carpenter’s debut album, Lost Themes, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, however, given he’s accumulated more than 22 credits as composer in his storied career as a filmmaker.

Carpenter’s as comfortable behind an electric keyboard as behind the camera, and his trademark synth melodies are an integral part of his body of work, lending an eerie edge to horror films like The Fog or Halloween (whose score has become deservedly iconic alongside the film) or a cheesy charm to gung-ho eighties flicks such as Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China. If you’ve seen a couple Carpenter films, you’ll know what to expect from Lost Themes before pressing play.

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