Review Roundup – Brisbane Queer Film Festival

Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Sims in Victim (1961)

I’ve recently written a couple reviews for films screening at the Brisbane Queer Film Festival for Cheated Hearts.

Victim(1961), one of the first films to feature a gay hero and a considered examination of the sociopolitical realities of homosexuality in the era.

Free Fall, a recent German film with a fairly conventional coming out narrative executed with some intelligent, subtle direction.

Victim Rating: 183/200
Free Fall Rating: 151/200

2 thoughts on “Review Roundup – Brisbane Queer Film Festival

  1. “It’s neither. It’s both. It’s messy and complex and there are no neat answers. No happy endings.” Amen. Glad the latter film manages to capture such complexity, even if it remains somewhat flawed.

    “… is uncomfortable familiar to anyone who’s heard someone justify their opposition to same-sex marriage.” And also amen.

    Both of these movies sound very promising. I’ll look into them.

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