Toy Story (1995)

Some films are just impossible to evaluate with any kind of objectivity. For me, Toy Story is one of those movies; when that Randy Newman theme kicks in I’m transported back to my youth in a nostalgic rush.

Toy Story (1995)

Even when trying to view the film with a critical eye, it holds up pretty damn well. The Joss Whedon-helmed screenplay still feels fresh and funny, full of cleverly-executed jokes grounded in character and circumstance. Seen with adult eyes, it’s an impressive amalgam of classic cinematic stories: sure, it’s primarily a buddy comedy, but it also gets to revel in action and horror movie tropes (the first scene in Sid’s bedroom is still proper scary), car chases (except one car is remote-controlled and the other is a dog) and even a pitch-perfect heist plot. The core buddy comedy is elevated by the flaws defining protagonists Woody and Buzz; the former filled with jealous insecurity (something any child can relate to), the latter a paragon of arrogance torn down by the devastating revelation that his self-perception doesn’t match reality (a very grown-up realisation).

Toy Story might be an important part of my childhood, but nostalgic glow or not it’s simply a great film.

Rating: 190/200

8 thoughts on “Toy Story (1995)

  1. It’s funny because I saw this movie for the first time in high school freshman French class (in French!). Before heading away from home to pursue my undergrad, I watched it again (in its entirety, not just when it was on Disney Channel or something when I happened to be going through channels)–that time in English. The energy of the film transcends the language and that, I think, is a testament to how great it is.

    • I feel like it’s such a vibrant film, visually, with such clear direction, that it’d probably work well enough without sound at all! I do love how the film’s palette is so colourful without coming across as saccharine. Thanks for the comment!

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