Homeland – “Game On” (Season 3, Episode 4)

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Martin Donovan as Leland Bennett in Homeland (Season 3, Episode 4)

This review is much later than usual. At least that delay gave me the opportunity to put the episode in the context of Alex Gansa’s recent interview (one I wouldn’t recommend reading – note the interviewer’s description of Carrie as “slutty”). Beforehand, my review would have touched on the beautiful, dreamy unreality of Carrie’s post-asylum outing but mostly focused on how the series has swung its pendulum too far from the oft-ridiculous melodrama of season two to become, well, boring.

Instead I’m staggered that the show expects us to swallow that Carrie’s entire ordeal over these four episodes has been an elaborate lie, a charade staged for the benefit of the Iranians. I’d assumed the reveal in the final moments of “Game On” was a recent development; perhaps related to Carrie’s call to her father? The idea that all Carrie’s rage and despair was a sham, that the show was never truly prepared to make her face the consequences of her mistakes erodes much of the patience I had in the show. Homeland’s readiness for the CIA to embrace Carrie again – and its refusal to trust in its audience – makes it hard to remain optimistic about the future of season three.

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