Introducing ccpopculture’s Ranking System

I’ve been considering introducing some kind of star ratings or rankings over here for quite a while now, but it seemed like my 300th post was a good time to roll out a ratings system for ccpopculture.


  • The ranks are, appropriately enough, on a scale from 0 to 200. At this stage it applies exclusively to film posts, though I may roll it out for television/music/books in the future. 180+ is for amazing/spectacular films, 160+ for very good/great films, 140+ for good, 120+ for above average, 100+ for average, then we get to below average, bad, terrible etc. The majority of the ratings are around the 140-180 mark, since as I’m not getting paid for this I’m hardly watching a tonne of bad movies.
  • I’ve retroactively rolled this out for all films I’ve reviewed (including Double Features). If you’re curious, my top three films were Memento, Holy Motors and Hot Fuzz, while my bottom three were The Collection, Paranormal Activity 4 and My Bloody Valentine (2009).

So, please go check out my rankings if you like. I look forward to spirited debates about how wrong I am about Return of the Living Dead being better than The 400 Blows.

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