Underbelly: Squizzy – “Squizzy Makes the Front Page” (Episode 6)

Underbelly Squizzy Episode 6 - Gracie Gilbert nudeAn overheard conversation regarding last week’s almost pornographic episode:

“Oh, did you watch last night’s Underbelly?”

“Nah, I’ve already given up on the show.”

“Boobs. BOOBS!”

Yes, Channel Nine knows what its audience wants – Gracie Gilbert naked – and it delivers again quickly, showing flashes of her nude form in otherwise unrelated scenes. Only a few minutes into the episode we get a scene with Ida in a convent that teases at becoming a lesbian scene, then hints at full frontal nudity before simply focusing its attention on Gracie’s graceful grapefruits, her bountiful breasts, her tremendous tits.

They’re impressive.

Underbelly Squizzy Episode 6 - Gracie Gilbert nude (2)

The rest of the episode has some merit, too, despite Gracie keeping her clothes on for the last half hour. For example, I liked how wannabe-hitman Joe Cotter’s idealized fantasy of how his assassination would go down was portrayed in “old-timey film” that suited the setting, and hinted at the “Squizzy makes a film” subplot to come (plus: random Hannah Gadsby cameo!). Unfortunately that subplot was demonstrative of the show’s lack of direction; it shed little light on Squizzy’s character (we’re already aware he’s vain and jealous) and was apparently included simply because it was something that happened to the real Squizzy.

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