Underbelly: Squizzy – “Squizzy Takes Charge” (Episode 3)

Underbelly - Squizzy Episode 2 "Squizzy Takes Charge"

Let’s be honest: Underbelly has never really produced a consistently good season of television. But its bright spots – that gold dust I spoke of – have made it fitfully rewarding viewing. More often than not, the show’s strongest moments come from its approach to violence, mixing in real pathos to elevate its usual bloodshed-as-entertainment.

Squizzy has no sense of pathos. One of the most chilling moments in the series is the unexpected gut punch of a gang rape in The Golden Mile; the equivalent event in this season is so forgettable the show itself pays it little attention. Notice in the opening scene how the apparently brutally-bashed Dolly (Camille Keenan, with a stunning lack of screen presence) lacks a single blemish or bruise.

The insipid, ill-considered take on violence extends beyond a lack of real consequence. “Squizzy Takes Charge” contains as much gunfire as any first person shooter, but it’s all insubstantial – and poorly directed. When Albert (Luke Ford) storms a rival’s house and opens fire, half of the scene has to be explained by Caroline Craig’s inescapable narration (she might as well be reading Squizzy’s Wikipedia page). It’s as though filming the whole scene was too much effort. Flimsy stuff.

2 thoughts on “Underbelly: Squizzy – “Squizzy Takes Charge” (Episode 3)

  1. Nice to see someone else covering Underbelly. I havent seen this season or Badness. I hope too soon, but the first couple of seasons were excellent, and the tv movie trilogy were pretty good. I just want them to go back to season 1 era and mix things in

    • As you might have guessed from the reviews so far, I have pretty mixed feelings on Underbelly. I definitely love elements of the first few seasons (and the acting is, with few exceptions, top notch) but I think the storytelling method of “let’s plow through X years of history” is a burden rather than a blessing; I wish they’d slow down and focus more on character moments, even if they didn’t make the paper!

      I wouldn’t recommend you hunt this one down … though, who knows, it might pick up in the back half! One of my mates from secondary school, Ashley Zukerman, has a role in this series so I’m half-watching in the hope that he gets to play a major part in the proceedings!

      Thanks for the comment, always good to hear your input 🙂

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