The Bridge – “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)

A body is found on the bridge between Mexico and the United States; an investigation begins, but the coroner finds that the body is in fact two bodies –an American and a Mexican citizen. The Bridge follows the detectives charged to investigate the crime: Sonya (Diane Kruger), an American detective with Aspergers, and Marco (Demian Bichir), her world-weary Mexican counterpart.

Demian Bichir and Diane Kruger in The Bridge (2013)

Unfortunately, the pilot of The Bridge often resembles those girls’ bodies – two disparate halves awkwardly joined together. The show feels classical, with relaxed (occasionally sluggish) pacing and beautiful, naturalistic cinematography (aside from an ill-conceived dissolve that transforms eyes to headlights). This is at odds with the subject matter, which revolves around one of those serial killers whose primary goal seems to be leaving messages for the police (whether it’s with torsos or elaborate carbombs).

The same can be said of Kruger’s performance. Her character is well-written, showing a nuanced understanding of an Asperger patient; however, her performance lacks the same delicate touch – she feels self-consciously awkward, like she’s not comfortable being uncomfortable. Bichir’s performance, on the other hand, is the best element of the pilot, though hopefully his character is more than just another honest cop in a corrupt system.

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