Hannibal – “Rôti”(Season 3, Episode 11)

Apologies for the delay in posting (both this episode and on the blog in general); as a teacher, this is a busy time of year, filled with marking and little time for blog posts. Plus, much of my blogging energy went into TripleJae over the weekend.

Perhaps my focus on marking means that I missed some of the finer details of “Rôti,” a good episode filled with beautiful moments that nonetheless bothered me. When I wrote about Hannibal’s pilot, I wrote that it focused on “mood rather than elucidation. Personally, I ’m happy to trade off confusion for a show this interesting.”

I’m starting to need more elucidation. Hannibal’s intentions towards Will have always been enigmatic, and I can deal with this even if I’d prefer that mystery to be solved sooner rather than later. But why exactly Will acted as he did in this episode, even with his instability and encephalitis, was just too ambiguous. Why did he take Gideon to Hannibal? Why did he abduct Gideon in the first place? Was it all part of Hannibal’s plan, or was Will saving Alana an anomaly?

I like you, Hannibal, but I need a few more answers to your mysteries.

2 thoughts on “Hannibal – “Rôti”(Season 3, Episode 11)

  1. While I liked this episode, I agree with you about the things that don’t make sense, and how Hannibal’s motives become more and more obtuse. This is a dreamlike series, but perhaps we need a little less dream as we near the finale and a little more reality?

    • Yeah, there are really two reasons that the lack of answers bother me now when they haven’t before. One is what you mention – we’re almost at the finale! It’s time to start tying things together (and I do expect we’ll have some answers over the next two (?) episodes). The other reason is that Hannibal’s character has always been mysterious, and that’s kinda his appeal. I’m okay with that. Will has been very open about his doubts, concerns and motivations since the pilot, so having him be so opaque in his motivations this episode – how much is madness? How is the madness compelling him to abduct Gideon? …I dunno, it didn’t work for me where it might have done for another character.

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