20 Years of Triple J’s Hottest 100

Triple J Hottest 100 20 years

When the “20 Years of Hottest 100” was announced yesterday, you’d be forgiven for experiencing some déjà vu. Didn’t we just celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hottest 100 back in 2009, with another “All-Time Hottest 100?” Of course, this is supposed to commemorate the first annual Hottest 100 (songs from that year), and, conveniently, the first piece of Hottest 100 merchandise.

The twist is that it’s only songs from the last two decades. If nothing else, it means that there won’t be that inevitable shrug when “Smells like Teen Spirit” tops the list. Instead, we’ll be shrugging at Jeff Buckley. I don’t know how different a list we should expect to 2009’s – aside from a few pub rock classics (quotation marks optional), it was dominated by the ‘90s already.

I must sound a bit grouchy. Honestly, I’m pretty excited; as you might’ve guessed from my other blog, I have a lot of affection for the Hottest 100. And the gimmick is actually interesting, encouraging people to delve into old Hottest 100 lists. I, for one, plan on putting together a list with one song from each year – a good excuse to explore my music collection. What do you think?

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