200th Post

When I started ccpopculture roughly six months ago, I set myself the goal of ensuring every post was exactly 200 words. This was for a few reasons:

  • It would hopefully avoid my tendency to be overly verbose; too often I’ve had a good idea for an article and abandoned many thousand words in,
  • it would give my blog a “hook,”
  • and, most importantly, it would be a blog that I’d read.

The experiment has gone pretty well. The restriction of the word limit has – as the cliché goes – bred creativity. It’s also been a problem: writing in detail about an album, or music festival, or an episode of Game of Thrones is truly difficult with so few words. With that in mind, I thought I’d use this post to announce some changes. While, for the most part, I’ll stick to 200 words, I’m introducing two features that’ll hopefully stick around:

  • Extended Cut: longer posts for more substantial ideas. Thinking in the vicinity of a thousand words.
  • Double Feature: 400 words considering and contrasting two items of pop culture. I’m mostly thinking film – original vs sequel or remake, that sort of thing.
  • Plus, “new” name!

Thoughts on these features are appreciated!

9 thoughts on “200th Post

  1. Hey man, congrats on the 200th post milestone. I think both of your feature ideas sound cool, but Double Feature in particular sounds right up my alley. Can’t wait to read them!

    • Thanks Alex! I just put up my first Double Feature yesterday (The Innocents and Paranormal Activity) and while it’s something I thought I’d post relatively rarely, I’ve already got a few ideas…

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