Girls – “Together” (Season 2, Episode 10)

The outstanding season finale of Girls, “Together,” was filled with unrestrained, honest conversation, people cutting through bullshit to share their innermost thoughts, fears and hopes.

Marnie’s ultimatum to Charlie could have been yet another disappointment for her, but her raw confession unearthed a heartfelt reciprocation from her ex-(now-current)-boyfriend. On paper, I don’t know that I buy this development, but Christopher Abbott absolutely nailed it, and produced the best scene of the episode.

Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) in Girls Season 2 - Episode 10 "Together"The disintegration of Shoshanna and Ray’s troubled relationship was similarly born of searing honesty. It’s hard not to feel for Ray, who genuinely wants to reinvent himself, but it’s also easy to sympathise with Shoshanna, an optimistic soul dragged down by Ray’s relentless negativity.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) in Girls Season 2 - Episode 10 "Together"Hannah spent the episode bottoming out, looking futilely for support from her father and her one-time lover and only receiving brutally candid portrayals of her own selfishness, her “rottenness” – not without justification, but a bitter pill for someone in the throes of full-blown anxiety.

Her reprieve came from Adam (inevitably shirtless). It’s significant that Adam chose Hannah over Natalia and the suggestion she might “fix” him – instead, these two broken people chose each other to walk across shattered glass and share the other’s mistakes.

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