Save the Date (2012)

Save the Date

Save the Date might look like another forgettable romantic comedy. With Alison Brie (Community), Lizzy Caplan (Party Down) and Martin Starr (Knocked Up) involved – all talented actors who excel at taking comedic roles and extending them beyond the stereotypes – I had higher hopes.

For the most part, my expectations were met – the film may be comedic and focus on a pair of romances (Starr and Brie as an engaged couple planning their wedding, Caplan rejecting a proposal of her own), but the film is grounded and realistic rather than following the oh-so-tired rom-com tropes. The characters’ problems may be the small problems of successful artists, but the film takes them seriously without exaggerating their importance, and has an agreeable, light comic vibe. Save the Date has its misunderstandings – like any rom-com – but they’re born of its characters’ inability to communicate openly when challenged and are far from “wacky.”

It doesn’t quite land the ending. We don’t need a grand romantic gesture here, but the muted tone is a touch too drab to hold interest. I also wasn’t happy with the film continuing the Hollywood trend of treating abortion as a horrible decision to make, the last resort of damaged people.

Rating: 124/200

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