Justified – “Outlaw” (Season 4, Episode 8)

“Jesus, I hope I got that right.”

Justified Season 4 Episode 8 - "Outlaw"

You sure did, Justified. After a couple average episodes in the middle there, Season Four excels with a momentous, captivating episode, brilliantly directed, acted and written. So much happens in this episode. Arlo meets his grisly end, a conclusion that seems obvious in retrospect but shocking in the moment – in fact, a whole lot of bodies hit the ground, with Theo Tonin’s fake-cop dropping a number of them before being beaten to the draw by Raylan, and Colt continuing to cover up his Ellen May fuck-up by murdering the drug dealer introduced in “Foot Chase.”

Justified Season 4 Episode 8 - "Outlaw"

And I haven’t even mentioned how the episode addresses both the questions I pondered last week, coming much closer to answering each of them. The show hasn’t specifically told us who Drew Thompson is yet, but it dropped some huge hints this week that Sheriff Shelby is Drew Thompson, to the point where I expected Raylan to figure it out himself. Boyd, meanwhile, solves almost all his problems with some classic scheming (and an inadvertent save from Raylan) but may have jumped into a whole new fire: owing a debt to Theo isn’t something I’d be happy about.

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