Sleeping with Sirens/Cypress Hill, Soundwave Festival (23 February 2013)

I found my way to Sleeping with Sirens next, purely because a student had recommended them. They were pretty much what you’d expect for a band recommended by a teenage girl – emo popcore, with members more interested in their hair than playing their instruments. That said, their song “Trophy Father’s Trophy Son” was a formulaic third-wave emo song – complete with overly-sincere lyrics complaining about one’s parents before launching into a cathartic lots-of-guitars outro – that nonetheless executed the formula pretty well. I am a sucker for generic emo punk, though, even if I’m aware of how tired it is.

Cypress Hill at Soundwave 2013Cypress Hill at Soundwave 2013

After an appropriately forgettable Sum 41 set were Cypress Hill; I spent their first half hour outside the D-barrier looking for my friends, where the sound quality was comparatively bad. The second half (still trying to find my friends) was inside the D, with much better sound. I’m not a Cypress Hill fan, but was surprised at the number of songs I recognised and enjoyed – the dudes in the group had both talent and charisma, and put on a good show. Their set did need to be about ten minutes shorter, which could’ve been achieved by trimming all the tiresome weed-related banter.

Read about Paramore’s set here.

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