Justified – “Money Trap” (Season 4, Episode 7)

Justified S4 E7

“Money Trap” combined a couple plots that should have been compelling television into an unfortunately average episode. Raylan hunting down a fugitive with a grudge and a porn director associate (Paul Kinsey!) has promise, but it felt like an excuse to show that Raylan still knows his way around a gun (and women). Boyd and Ava going to a hoity-toity sex party sounds great on paper, but the execution left much to be desired.

I’m still pretty happy with Season Four. It’s asking two very interesting questions, and I’m looking forward to see how it answers them.

1)      Who is Drew Thompson?

Justified has eased off on this narrative, but I have no doubt the answer will be both shocking and obvious in retrospect. It’s seeming very likely, at this stage, that Drew will be someone we’ve already met.

2)      Will Boyd Crowder live out the season?

He was supposed to die in the pilot, but, y’know – Walton Goggins. As I’ve discussed before, everything really seems to be conspiring against our canny Southern gentleman, especially with this week’s reveal that he’s less in control than he thinks: there might be too much for the writers to save him this time.

4 thoughts on “Justified – “Money Trap” (Season 4, Episode 7)

    • It does have that “end days” kind of feel to the season, doesn’t it? Ava dying would be an interesting way to hit Boyd with some serious consequences while letting the show keep using Goggins.

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