Triple J Hottest …200? (2013)

Last Saturday, my partner Jae and I spent a day liveblogging the Triple J Hottest 100 at TripleJae. We spent the day finding out our predictions were half-good, half-terrible, comparing the infamous Warmest 100 to the actual results, and, of course, our thoughts on all the songs in the countdown.

We were both baffled by Mumford and Sons getting a song so high, and hated Seth Sentry getting in at all, but we also loved plenty of songs, like the infectious pop of Miike Snow or the gentle majesty of “Oblivion,” each cracking the top 50. We didn’t agree all the time, though – see our thoughts on songs like Bat for Lashes – Laura, Flume – Sleepless and Kid Cudi – Just What I Am.

But plenty of songs that we wanted to hear missed out. No Jonathan Boulet, Cloud Nothings or Japandroids at all, Frank Ocean had plenty of songs in the list but “Pyramids” missed completely, Lisa Mitchell’s single “Bless This Mess” was a complete miss despite her Hottest 100 pedigree… so today is a chance to fix all that, as Triple J plays the 100 songs that missed out. we’ll be liveblogging this too (though probably only 10 or so songs) at a time over at TripleJae.

Edit: updated – the original TripleJae link was wrong! Sorry!

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