Childish Gambino, Big Day Out (20 January 2013)

childish gambino

I got into Childish Gambino thanks to Donald Glover’s acting and stand-up, and was impressed at the quality of his major label debut Camp. It was unexpectedly good, catchy stuff from someone primarily known for being funny.

His live show was equally unexpected, with Glover possessing a furious energy and command of the stage. He was backed up by a live band who gave pop-rap tracks an extra weight and power not found on record, and matched Glover’s energy.

The set opened with “Firefly” into “Freaks and Geeks,” but hit its peak halfway through with the fearsome trio of “You See Me,” “Heartbeat” and “Bonfire,” which had the whole crowd going crazy.

Speaking of – another unexpected discovery was the size and ferocious loyalty of the crowd, who sang along and danced around like he was one of the biggest acts around. It wasn’t just in evidence at the show, either – afterwards, I went to pick up a T-shirt and found that all the Childish Gambino shirts had sold out “ages ago.”

The show was fantastic (though it petered out with the last couple of songs, from his latest mixtape which I’ve yet to hear) and the highlight of my festival.

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