Big Day Out Sightseeing


At my first Big Day Out in five years, there was plenty of good music but also plenty of opportunities for people-watching and general sightseeing. Some of the sights…

  • Lots of Southern Cross tattoos.
  • Girls thinking that singlets don’t require bras (they do).
  • Guys thinking they don’t need to wear shirts at all (they do).
  • None of my friends who were at the festival! Since, as usual, the mobile network died a couple hours after the day started.
  • Nina Las Vegas demonstrating her twin talents – having good taste in music and the complete inability to be a competent DJ (eg spending more time telling people “look out for the drop!” than actually playing music).

    Me, failing to enjoy the No Noise Tent

    Me, failing to enjoy the No Noise Tent

  • Two people (three if you count me) wearing jeans.
  • The No Noise Tent – a cute idea (DJed by local bands, all the music is played through headphones rather than speakers) sabotaged by headphones which would regularly deteriorate into bursts of static.
  • Some guy hungry enough to beg me for a bite of my burger (..I gave him a piece).
  • A carnival ride stalling for a good couple minutes with the passengers left dangling, upside down, in the air. Another good reason to never ride those things.

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