Justified – “Where’s Waldo?” (Season 4, Episode 2)

This week in Justified, Raylan and his fellow marshals investigate further the true meaning behind Arlo’s bag, discovered last episode, and find Waldo while they’re at it. This subplot was enjoyable enough, but the intricately scripted scene at the Truths didn’t feel as impressive as it ought to have been. I think this is mostly because the outcome of the search for the Truth had a predetermined conclusion, thanks to the parachutist flashback last episode, so the tension of “What’s going to happen next?” wasn’t there for me. At least it looks like Art’ll be heavily involved in this plot.

More interesting to me was Boyd’s various run-ins. The Crowders regained their power in Harlan thanks to Boyd’s brains (and some gunplay, naturally), but it’s becoming clear this season that he’s more vulnerable than he might think and that he can’t talk his way out of every jam. Boyd seemed evenly matched in his showdown with new preacher Billy, and his encounter with Wynn Duffy certainly seemed to end with the Dixie Mafia holding the high ground. Walton Goggins’ portrayal of Boyd is most compelling when Boyd’s backed into a corner, so I’m interested to see where this all leads.

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