The Vaccines – No Hope

There’s something to be said for nostalgia, especially when it comes to music. It’s no accident that whenever people put together a “best music of all time” the list tends to skew very heavily to the music that was coming out in their late teens and early twenties; the time when they were singing along to this music with friends, or poring over each track of an album in lieu of study. Music is powerful because of the emotions it creates, and there’s nothing more powerful than a song that snaps you back into a point in time, conjures up an elapsed moment and makes it fresh. But nostalgia is painful, melancholic, because that moment is gone, that song will never be the same as when you first heard it.

For me, “No Hope” is nostalgia without the melancholy. It may not be objectively great, or even a particularly original song, but it captures the kind of music that captured me in my late teens. It’s catchy but aloof, spitting out defeatist chants with a contradictory vigour and joie de vivre that encapsulates the feeling of being a teenager: everything’s fucked but you’re going to make the most of it.

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