CALL THE COPS (Velociraptor, Bleeding Knees Club & DZ Deathrays), The Rev, Brisbane, 13 December 2012

Velociraptor sound great on record but really need to be experienced live. They’re apparently a twelve-piece, but at The Rev ten players (including both members of DZ Deathrays) took to the stage. They all performed with a rambunctious, infectious energy, swapping instruments roles regularly, everyone singing along (whether there was a microphone in front of them or not). The highlights of their aggressive, garage/surf rock set were “Riot” and “Cynthia.”

Velociraptor galvanised the room with their dynamism, but Bleeding Knees Club did the opposite, sapping energy with a lacklustre performance. The bulk of their set sounded like the same song performed repeated without enthusiasm; it was redeemed partly by some meatier tracks at the end but was, on the whole, a disappointment.

DZ Deathrays are always impressive live: last night was no different. The mix was exemplary; they may have only been a duo but they sounded huge, larger than the ten-piece had. They opened with “Dollar Chills,” imbued with a ferocity that filled the room. Sadly, age and money catches up with us all, and (having seen them live twice already this year) my partner and I had to leave the venue mid-set to catch the last train home.

2 thoughts on “CALL THE COPS (Velociraptor, Bleeding Knees Club & DZ Deathrays), The Rev, Brisbane, 13 December 2012

  1. It’s probably unfair to say Bleeding Knees Club sapped energy, because the crowd were inexplicably loving it. I agree that it was a boring set, but I think the low energy slacker thing is just their schtick.

  2. Yeah I considered mentioning that the crowd seemed to be pretty into it for most of the Bleeding Knees Club set, but I ran out of words! I just felt like Velociraptor really gave a lot of energy and excitement to the room and that BKC were just phoning it in for the most part (complete with weird, misogynistic banter)

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