Harvest Festival, Brisbane Botanic Gardens (18 November 2012)

By all rights, Harvest should have been a fantastic festival, even considering the inclement weather (In fact, the apocalyptic storms that never quite eventuated added some excitement, with the brief evacuation a memorable event. Crowds huddled under paltry cover at QUT, believing that hailstones the size of tennis balls loomed over the horizon: they ended up being mere specks). Instead, I found the festival somewhat beneath expectations – due to my own attitudes rather than any external issues.

The early afternoon was splendid, with enjoyable sets from a range of bands and eccentric entertainment at the Boudoir tent. The evening, though, was underwhelming. Too much time was spent catching a couple of songs here and there rather than committing to one band. The timetables were all over the shop after the evacuation – understandably – and this meant that a carefully considered plan for the day no longer worked (less Beck and Ben Folds Five, more Grizzly Bear was the net result).

An enjoyable festival needs an element of relaxation, some time to settle in and enjoy the day. The density of good bands at Harvest meant that, ultimately, too much time was spent worrying about the next band than appreciating the moment.

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