Fried Barry

My fiancé and I recently subscribed to the horror streaming service, Shudder. It has an extensive catalogue of hard-to-find films from yesteryear as well as recent hits. But the real goldmine is the portfolio of ‘original’ oddities that cannot be found anywhere else. Consider the demented hallucinatory gem, Fried Barry, by South African newcomer, Ryan Kruger. Shudder gives weirdos like Kruger free reign to unleash material too bristly for the delicate mainstream cinematic palate.

Barry is a junkie who drifts through the backstreets and seedy bars of Cape Town. He is a terrible husband, a terrible father and just plain terrible by most measures. But then a flying saucer injects a mute, wide-eyed alien entity into Barry’s body. Inside the Barry-Husk, the thrill-seeking alien embarks on a truly insane, psychedelic odyssey through Cape Town’s underbelly: narcotics, women, violence, a prison break and even a battle with a human trafficker. Add to that the new high-water mark for fucked up sex scenes and you have quite the smorgasbord. Nicholas Cage wishes he had material this nutty.

To be clear, this stuff is not for everyone. But for seasoned horror-philes Fried Barry is just a sample of the nasty delights that Shudder has to offer.

4 stars

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