The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

I’ve recently adopted the habit of throwing an episode of anime on in the bedroom as I fall asleep each night. That means that my wife’s been exposed – or subjected – to whatever series I’m watching at a given point in time. When it comes to a show like The Testament of Sister New Devil, that’s not necessarily a good thing. As she put it, “This is like every bad, neckbeard cliché about anime come true.”

She’s not wrong. Sister New Devil is deeply cringeworthy, a half-assed rip-off of High School DxD with lower standards of animation and decidedly more pseudo-incest. Like many modern fan-service heavy series, it splits its time between occult action and awkwardly-scripted scenes of sex and nudity. The latter are executed with such exploitative disdain for the characters that it’s hard to take the ongoing narrative seriously, even in the occasional moment that legitimately interesting plotting comes along (as in the last few episodes).

If you wanted to turn someone off of anime forever, you could do much worse than The Testament of Sister New Devil. This is a series defined by misogynistic fetishism, shitty animation and poor storytelling. At least my wife still enjoys Food Wars!

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