Homeland – “Good Night” (Season 3, Episode 10)

“Good Night” was one of the stronger episodes of season three of Homeland, a tense sequence – almost a mini action movie – revolving around Brody’s attempts to infiltrate Iran as a double agent (and one that finally tied the Brody and Javadi storylines together). The scenes on the border of Iran had a real sense of purpose to them, whether it was the purple bruise of a sky with the sun lying dormant over the horizon or thick darkness illuminated with flashes of gunfire.

Damian Lewis in Homeland Season 3 Episode 10 - "Good Night"

Just as those tracer bullets left red streaks across the night, the episode highlighted the flaws of the third season. Homeland felt like a global show again, not a drama focused on petty melodrama centred on a handful of characters. It was refreshing to see the show paint Carrie in a truly ambiguous, almost villainous light in her conversation with Fara, but Carrie’s increasing hysteria and devotion to Brody makes it hard to remain sympathetic to her. Brody, meanwhile, is still engaging thanks to Damian Lewis’s considerable talent, but the episode’s biggest failing is the guarantee of his success, clad in indestructible Showtime-mandated armour. Nonetheless, a good episode, and a timely reminder of what Homeland can do.

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