Bikini Warriors

Bikini Warriors

Dave author picI like to think I have enough wherewithal to understand most conundrums, but the physical release of Bikini Warriors utterly baffles me.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the series, necessarily. It’s a light-hearted fanservice romp through RPG clichés, populated by the imaginatively-named – and barely-dressed – cast of Fighter, Mage, Dark Elf and Paladin. Its dozen episodes offer large breasts and small jokes over – and, ay, there’s the rub! – a scant five minutes.

That translates to an hour of not much. Frivolous, forgettable entertainment. Who’s shelling out real money for this in DVD form? I could almost understand if the series slotted neatly into the same role as that seedy section at the back of video stores a couple decades ago, but Bikini Warriors is actually rather tame when it comes to sexuality; nudity is discreetly censored (except for an international Blu-Ray release).

I can’t say I minded spending an hour with Bikini Warriors. The bite-sized episodes ensure that the handful of good gags stand out, and the animation quality is, y’know, adequate. But I have a lot of trouble believing that enough people are prepared to pay for this justify its manufacture and distribution … perhaps I’m just overthinking boob anime?

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